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My name is Mark Hammerschmidt and I was born and grew up in rural England. After serving in the British Army as a dental technician for many years I was very fortunate to end up living and working in London until 2011 when I moved to Hong Kong, where I'm now very happily settled together with my ever patient wife.

I've been interested in photography since a young boy, taught by my dad, taking photos with a hand me down 1950's Agfa Isolette and his Minolta SRT101, developing and printing monochrome film in a tiny little darkroom that my dad had made in our home.

Since making the switch to digital in 2002 I am now embracing the extraordinary capabilities of the current Fuji X-Pro2, and their outstandingly sharp Fujinon lenses. I like to take mainly architectural photographs but I try my hand at pretty much anything as you'll see when browsing through my galleries. I try to update the site when I feel I have something worthy of displaying!

However the film bug still bites! I've recently purchased a 1957 Rolleiflex and am getting the itch for a classic Nikon FM2n now that my beloved Tri-X film stock is here to stay! So I hope to have something else to show soon!

If you want to contact me then please email to mark@finepiks.com or click my Facebook button below.

If you're located in Hong Kong why not come along and join the Cathay Camera Club where I'm honoured to be the Chairman!

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